These are testimonials and comments from my clients. 

I thank each of you for expressing your experiences, thoughts and feelings. They make my day and they guide me to help my clients reach their goal: be healthier and happier.

Thank you!


" I am always looking forward to my next appointment with Anne-Marie. She takes her time, pays attention to detail and I am impressed with her knowledge and understanding of Chinese and Western Medicine. 

The treatments I receive from Anne-Marie are helping me with back pain and weight loss. I feel 10 times better than last year and I recommend Anne-Marie to anyone who struggles with health issues or stress.   (Mary Vandenheide) (October  2015)


"The Head Acupressure Massage takes me to another world....."  (C. Leblanc) (February 2015)

Texted: ``The Massage must go on. Blizzard or not!`` 

George Ameri   (February 2014)

I have been going to Ann-Marie for four months.
I have a number of medical problems that she has been working on with me. I am feeling much better thanks to her! I have been to other
therapists and Ann-Marie is by far the best!  

(Ralph MacDonald)  (May 2017)

`Great individualized therapy! It helped me with my addiction. Thank you Anne-Marie. (Bedford client) (October 2015)


In the past I used to pay $85 for a short acupuncture treatment and it felt very rushed, but I have found Anne-Marie Sterckx and her treatments are wonderful;
she treats me for a whole hour and I always enjoy the 10 or 15 minutes of Hot Stone Massage or Cupping she mixes in with the acupuncture therapy. I am getting more treatment and attention for less money!     (Marcus D.) (September 2014)

Hi Anna Marie I delivered the baby this morning, water started leaking the next morning after my treatment then only 6 hours of labor and no tearing or rips :)  

(May 2016) (labour induction acupuncture) 

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`` Being in the room with Annemarie gives me a calm feeling.``  

(Bedford client) (January 2014)

So this morning at 330 or so I walked my dog I had no pain at all .. at 8:00 I had a little pain in my back went to tims then to the office and bam I couldn't move was in tears ... Boss said go to CEC I went to Rodney at Sackville Chiropractic Clinic and he tugged twisted and snapped me around I could walk again .. then it was off for some acupressure , acupuncture , fire cupping , hot stone massage and massage from Anne-Marie Sterckx Acupuncture Halifax ...http://www.acupuncturehalifax.ca/
When I was leaving work to night boss asked if they really helped I bent over touched my toes .. Guess So !!
(Peter  via facebook) (February 2017)

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