Relaxing Hot Stone Massage


                                  Anne-Marie Sterckx,R.Ac. provides Japanese Hot Stone Massage and Chinese Medicine Therapies 

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hot stone massage is deeply relaxing /

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage uses smooth basalt stones which  are warmed up in water and are used during massage. 

The soothing heat from the stones warms up the skin and penetrates deep in the muscles, joints, tissues to provide pain relief, stress relief, improved circulation, healing and relaxation.

Japanese Hot Stone Massage uses the theory  of Chinese Medicine, meridians, acupoints, Zang/Fu and 'Five Element Theory' to re balance deficiency and excess, expel cold, remove blockages and promote blood and Qi circulation.

Hot Stone Therapy is  focused on specific problems, be it local or not. It can be used on its own, as an alternative of acupuncture (needling) or complementary to acupuncture as it will contribute to the healing and relaxation.

A relaxing hot stone massage not only treats stress, fatigue and pain, it also resets the nervous system and boosts immunity, it is also preventive. 


Health Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Decreases pain and muscle spasms

Relieves tension in muscles

Relieves pain in  chronic conditions (fibromyalgia, artritis...)

Speeds up recovery after injury (sprains, fractures...)

Increases flexibility in joints providing better mobility

Reduces stress and tension

Promotes relaxation and reduces sleep problems

Hot stone massage - treat back, neck, shoulder pain

Chinese Medicine Therapies can improve your health and prevent illness.

Anne-Marie Sterckx is a registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist providing therapy in Bedford-Halifax-Dartmouth and surroundings. 1(902) 240 2412


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