Reflexology is a gentle, natural, healing therapy and creates a warm, comforting and relaxing feeling.


                                                 Anne-Marie Sterckx,R.Ac. provides Reflexology and Chinese Medicine Therapies 

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Reflexology is a relaxing healing therapy

Reflexology works with the reflex zones in the feet.


Reflexology is a holistic form of therapeutic foot massage where pressure is applied to specific points on the feet. This pressure stimulates the body's natural ability to rebuild and repair itself. 
This systematic method of foot massage uses a variety of finger and thumb techniques that help to stimulate circulation and promote a deep state of relaxation. 
Inducing the relaxation response through reflexology reverses the stress response and enables the body to re-balance, rest, repair and regenerate. 

The stress response, although beneficial when we need a burst of strength or speed can be debilitating, even life threatening when it is left unresolved. Since modern stressors are often symbolic rather then real, stress tends to go unresolved for long periods of time often causing illness. 

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy that requires only the removal of your shoes and socks. This makes it a convenient treatment which may be suitable for people who may not be comfortable with full-body techniques. 

Reflexology for babies

Reflexology for babies

Reflexology as therapy for anxiety Acupuncture Halifax

         Reflexology is a relaxing                     therapy 

Reflexology may help with many stress related complaints including: 

Tension and sinus headaches 
Migraine headaches 
Back pain 
Chronic pain 
Digestive issues such as heart burn, indigestion and abnormal elimination patterns 
Anxiety and Depression 

Reflexology in Halifax

    Reflexology uses the reflex zones on the feet

Q   Does Reflexology treat Plantar Fasciitis and painful feet?  

Yes, we have great success when we use a combination of reflexology, cupping and acupressure massage. 

Q  How many treatments will it take?

 You will find relief right away, for chronic and more severe conditions multiple treatments might be necessary - after every treatment we will do an assessment, mark improvements and adjust the treatment to optimize recovery.

Q  I feel healthy and do not suffer from any condition, will I still benefit from a reflexology treatment?

 Yes, foot or hand reflexology stimulates all organs and brain function. It re balances the body by interacting with the meridians and channels, it redirects static or stagnated energy fields. It resets the nervous system which results in a total relaxed state.

Reflexology is a therapy suitable for all ages, babies, children, youth,  adults, seniors


'Does Reflexology Tickle?'


'No, Reflexology does not tickle. The practitioner will adjust the pressure so even people with ticklish feet can receive reflexology treatments without problem'


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