30 min
45 min
 1 hour
1.5 hour  combo *
  $85 - $95
  $85 - $95
 Hot Stone Massage

 Chinese Fire Cupping
 Ear Acupuncture/Ear seeding
Wet cupping
   $95 (bring your own re-usable cups)
$125 (clinic supplies single use cups) 

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  Combos (mix of therapies)
   $85 - $95
 night appointments (after 
when available
  home visits + therapy
 $95 - $150
(depending on location and treatment)
Weekend appointments 
when available
$ 95
  Payment Options:
  cash, cheque, e-transfer, 
  gift certificate
  Direct billing 
 (no debit machine on site)


an appointment is time reserved for you, 

if you are unable to keep your appointment please notify us at least 24 hrs in advance

Missed appointments policy:

 Please cancel an appointment as soon as possible to avoid the following

  cancellation fees:

less then 24 hrs: $ $35

No Show: you are responsible to pay the appointment in full.

You will receive a receipt for your insurance.


Treatment fees are due after every treatment and before leaving the office.

You will receive an insurance approved receipt.

Direct billing can be set up for qualifying clients. Please provide your information 24 hours before your treatment in order to do a predetermination check with your insurance company. This can be done by phone, text or e-mail.

Direct billing info needed:

-Insurance company

-Full Name


-Policy Number

-ID Number

-if you are not the main insured member you will also need to provide him/her/their information.

for questions: 902-240-2412