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It's Tradition..... October is Fire Cupping Month.

Get a Fire Cupping session (30 min.) and receive a complementary 30 min assessment and acupuncture combo. 

$35 ------------ only in October- My way of saying 'THANKS' 

Mention this offer when booking

Fort McMurray

Free treatment for people who returned to Nova Scotia after leaving everything behind in Fort McMurray.

A Natural Disaster and loss of home can be very traumatic. Evacuees can suffer from post traumatic stress and if not resolved this can lead to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

I am offering free treatment to relieve these first symptoms of traumatic stress. contact me 902-240-2412 and I will try to fit you in my schedule as soon as possible.

May 2016

mother's day special:       (this offer is valid till May 31)
1 hour : $50  (reg. $75)
1.5 hours: $75 (reg $95)
gift certificates available.

suggested treatments: reflexology, hot stone massage, facial & head acupressure massage
can be combined in one treatment. Will treat stress, headaches, fatigue and much more.

April 2016

Complaint: Neck and Shoulder pain

Treatment: Acupuncture, Tui-Na and Hot Stone Therapy

Price: $45 (only in April)

relaxing, relieving pain, improving sleep.

March 2016

While winter is a time to conserve energy and reduce activity, spring is a time of regeneration, new beginnings, and a renewal of spirit.

First time clients:  get an introduction to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies.             $32.50 / 1 hour
includes an assessment, acupuncture and any other TCM therapy of your choice

mention 'March Special' when booking


Raise your energy with a soothing and relaxing hot stone massage

1/2 hour:      $ 40      (reg. $45)

1hour :          $  70      (reg. $75)

                                                           1 1/2 hours:  $ 90      (reg. $95)

New clients: receive a free TCM health assessment (45 min.) (with regular 1hr treatment booking) 
Returning clients: receive 15 min. free 'magic lamp' therapy (new) 

mention this January offer at time of booking to allow sufficient time.


gift certificates for
-  relaxation and stress relief
-  reflexology
-  massage (acupressure, Tui-Na, Swedish, Japanese hot stone, Cupping)
-  stop smoking treatments and support
-  back pain relief 
 get a gift certificate for a 1 hr treatment: $ 65    or   2 for $ 50 each                                    (offer available till Dec. 31)


3 in 1:  sample three different therapies in one session:  acupuncture, reflexology, hot stone massage.

(acupressure massage can be substituted for acupuncture)


Fire Cupping Month:

30 minutes Fire Cupping Therapy for only $20



Back to School Special

show your student or teacher id and get a treatment at half price.




This week, in honor of halifax pride, every appointment made will include 20 minutes complimentary japanese hot stone massage.
just mention this ad (active from 25-07-2015 till 31-07-2015)




Walking in bare feet on a sandy beach is very grounding.

Reflexology  can be very grounding.

I will combine reflexology and back massage/hot stone massage in an hour long treatment.

With all the Dads in mind but offered to all : 

Gift Certificate for a June Special: $55 (regular $65)

The "anything she wants"  
gift certificate:

anything 1 hr:   $ 50 (reg. $65)
anything 2 hrs: $ $95 (reg. $130)

all therapies/services are listed here....



Small stuff  with  healthy results

Fire Cupping and Auricular Medicine can be considered the 'smaller' treatments because they usually are done  in a shorter session  (half hour)

or mixed in a full session. Fire Cupping and Auricular Medicine can stand on their own and have great results. 

In April you can book a Cupping Session (30 min) for only $20

In April you can book an Auricular Medicine session (30 min) for only $20

Walk in is not available but you can call 'last minute' to find out if I can fit you in short notice. 


"Stay a little Longer, Walk a little Stronger."

March is Reflexology Month

introduction, assessment and a reflexology session for  $55

March    Extra Special

Your back needs a treat after all that shoveling.

back massage, fire cupping, and hot stone massage 'The Works'   

1 hour session,  $ 45  (regular $65)  

(mention this ad when booking)

Only available till mid April




"Double Up"

-learn how to give a basic massage, hot stone massage  or  Tui-Na Chinese massage. Bring in your partner and get a 2 hour hands on mini course.

$95 (two people)


-extend your 1 hour session to 2 hours and receive up to three different therapies for an extra long healing relaxing treatment.

                                                                                 $95  (instead of $ 130)


Get your third treatment free 
 just mention this ad


                                    Give Health and Relaxation

Gift certificates for a full treatment (regular $65) are now $50 each. 

Who on your list would love a Hot Stone Massage or maybe a  Reflexology treatment?....

Offer ends December 31 2014.


Time for remembrance, for harvest and for grounding with the Earth.

Take extra time to nurture Stomach and Spleen, the earth elements.

Continue your transition from summer foods and summer life style to fall harvest foods and a nurturing caring for your body, mind and spirit.

In November, book two appointments in one week and receive your second one half price.  This offer is ideal for clients who will benefit from an intense treatment, who are suffering from acute pain, who want to detoxify or who are                                                                                    going through a stressful time in life.

October 2014

October is Fire Cupping month.
Fire Cupping is an excellent and safe way 
to boost immunity.
to relax back muscles
to promote health of all major organs: Toxins are removed, Circulation is improved and Energy is boosted.
Fire cupping can be compared with a deep tissue massage

                                                                                 Try Fire Cupping for free (15 minutes) with any booked appointment in October.
                                                                                 Or try out Fire Cupping on its own (30 min) for only $20! 

September 2014

New to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Book a Relaxing Acupressure Massage and receive a free half hour health assessment, 'introduction to acupuncture'  session or 30 minutes of Reflexology.

contact Anne-Marie Sterckx, R.Ac  1(902) 240 2412