Acupuncture Clinics
   Halifax - (Bedford)
Middle Sackville 

Clinic in
Halifax - (Bedford)

AcupunctureHalifax is located in the Qi Therapy Clinic.

AcupunctureHalifax Clinic

(located in Qi Therapy Clinic)

604 Bedford Highway, room 201


Hours:  (by appointment)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

(11.00 am -6.00 pm) 

After hours and weekend appointments can be arranged

902- 240-2412

604 Bedford Highway Halifax NS

the Halifax/Bedford Acupuncture Clinic is located on the Bedford Hwy (across the Fisherman's Market) near Larry Uteck, Clayton Park.


Clinic in 

Middle Sackville 


Acupuncture Clinic Middle Sackville

located beside Pharmasave 

1624 Sackville Drive, Middle Sackvillle

(near the new round-a-bout)

Hours: (by appointment or by chance every Firday)

Fridays - 11.00 am to 8pm


1624 sackville drive, Middle Sackville