Local Affordable Alternative Medicine for Seniors 

who have no private health care coverage *

Halifax (Bedford ) Nova Scotia and Middle Sackville location

* Not applicable to visits covered by health insurance companies 

3 important things that can make or break our overall health and well being :  

Stress, Nutrition, Environment

Stress can weaken our immune system, interfere with healthy sleep patterns and make it harder to focus on every day life, from simple tasks to enjoying activities and friends.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies greatly reduce stress levels, help relax the mind and body resulting in a stronger immune system and. Chinese Massage and Reflexology are very popular in stress management but also Acupuncture and Cupping massage are beneficial.

Nutrition provides us with energy and elements for cell rejuvenation, maintaining bone structure and strong muscles, blood quality, brain function.......in short: nutrition, the food that we choose to put in our mouth determines how well our body and mind function on a healthy level.

An acupuncturist trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine can work with you to help you choose the foods and meal preparation to restore the body functions that got impacted by malnutrition. 

We don't work with 'diets',  we look at someone's eating habits and the resulting imbalances and health problems this can cause for this specific patient (think diabetes, depression, fatigue, digestive problems, muscle cramps...etc) We then point out the foods that are worsening your condition and suggest certain foods that will help improve your health condition and . (And you might enjoy trying out some new foods and meal preparation) 

Environment is where we live, how we organize the space around us, our social environment - family-friends- community. Our environment is also the air we breath in, the air quality, temperature, household products we use....You will be surprised how a little tweek in any one of these aspects can have a huge impact on your health, well being and happiness.