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                            Anne-Marie Sterckx,R.Ac. provides Chinese Fire Cupping, Athletic cupping, Cold Cupping, 

                                                             Dry  or Wet Cupping and  Cupping Massage.

                                                                in Bedford-Halifax-Middle Sackville - Nova Scotia

Chinese fire cupping, promotes blood circulation, removes toxins, boosts immunity, relieves muscle and back pain

What is Cupping therapy


Cupping therapy dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. It is now accepted as a beneficial therapy in Western culture. Cupping is rising in popularity among many athletes and used by Chinese medicine practitioners to help treat many forms of diseases and injuries. 

How cupping works:

Special glass cups are warmed up with a flame and are placed on the skin. When the air inside the cup cools down it creates a vacuum and the skin is gently raised inside the cup. This affects the blood vessels and other fluids around muscle and tissue: toxins are pulled away, old stagnant blood is moved around and this is making place for new oxigen rich blood to reach the muscles and tissues, promoting circulation and healing.

What cupping does:

Cupping pulls blood to a region to stimulate healing. It is effective at stretching tight fascia and muscles. Cupping helps the tissue develop new blood flow and causes anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body. Cupping is generally painless and can be more effective than massage for muscle problems.

Cupping is used in the treatment of 

-Rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia  

-Skin problems such as eczema and acne 

-High blood pressure (hypertension) 


-Anxiety and depression 


-Bronchial congestion caused by allergies and asthma 

-Tight Fascia 

-Tight Muscles 

-Scar tissue and adhesions (including old scars) 

-Treatment for pneumonia

Cupping promotes circulation and therefor can help prevent illness.

Health Benefits  Cupping

  1. Increasing circulation
  2. Increasing oxygenation and tissue delivery
  3. Remove old stagnant blood
  4. Cause micro trauma and beneficial inflammation
  5. Create new blood vessels
  6. Stretch fascia and connective tissue.

fire cupping is safe and effective

Fire Cupping, Acupuncture Halifax, NS

a safe and effective therapy

Discover Cupping therapy in one of the clinics and learn about the benefits of traditional fire cupping, cold cupping, wet cupping and Hijama cupping. 

Treatments can be covered under your 'acupuncture' coverage, contact Anne-Marie for more information.


Cupping in the News: Rio 16   This is Michael Phelps wearing the red marks after a fire cupping session to promote blood flow  to his shoulder. He and his team mates end up winning GOLD in the 4X100 Freestyle. Cupping: An Ancient Therapy with Modern Health Benefits.

michael Phelps Fire Cupping
Fire Cupping Olympics rio 16  Acupuncture Halifax
Olympics Rio 16 Fire Cupping
fire cupping for swimmers
cupping Traditional Chinese Medicine


'Cold Cupping' 

As an acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner my favorite way of cupping is Fire Cupping,

but here are some situations when I use Cold Cupping (cupping with plastic cups and vacuum controlled with a suction gun)

- on feet and hands

- near face

- when I need precise suction


For more info on Cupping or to book an appointment: 902-240-2412

Cupping Therapy
Chinese fire cupping, an ancient therapy with modern health benefits
Cupping Therapy Fire Cupping Acupuncture in Halifax

updated 6 April 2022


Chinese Medicine Therapies can improve your health and prevent illness.

Anne-Marie Sterckx is a registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist providing therapy in Bedford-Halifax-Dartmouth and surroundings. 1(902) 240 2412