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Warning! Spring Ahead!

Posted by Herebythelake on March 16, 2019 at 2:40 PM

Winter is a time for rest and conservation. Our biological rythm slows down naturally just like the environment around us. Listen to your body. Often clients are worried that they are suffering from  seasonal depression: they lack energy and simple tasks take longer to finish. Don't forget we are a part of the universe and are affected by the seasons just like the other animals, plants, weather systems..... winter is a time to recuperate. Most people ignore this need and fight the change in bio rythm wich results in physical and mental exhaustion near the end of the winter.                Warning! Spring ahead. It is the long-awaited change from winter to spring. The sun warms the earth, juices start flowing, seeds sprout... there is a sense of renewal. In Chinese Medicine, spring is the season of the liver organ and meridians.  When this energy starts flowing more intense,  most people will feel a boost of sudden energy, spread out over the whole body: feet and legs want to walk and run, arms and hands want to be bussy, mind is clear and plans are made. When liver and gallbladder meridians are blocked or organs are affected due to emotional imballances or nutritional excesses or deficiencies, this liver energy can create havoc in the body due to a lack of smooth flow: people will suffer  more intense headaches, digestion problems and scattered energy spurts followed by a total lack of energy. Often these people will blame it on the weather, the pollen in the air, allergies or anything else that changes during spring. Here are some simple guidelines to make a smooth transition from winter to spring:

Stay calm.  increase your activities slowly and gently

Gradually transition from heavy hearthy winter foods to lighter meals. 

Use the sudden boost of  energy to tackle old and forgotten projects, add some new projects and try out new activities, including meeting new people and broadening your horizon. 


Hot Weather and Hydration Tips

Posted by Herebythelake on August 25, 2018 at 11:10 PM

Easy ways to stay cool and hydrated during these hot sizling summer days.

Drink plenty of water & herbal teas first thing in the morning. That is when absorption is greatest.

Avoid drinking too much water at once - rather sip

Eat juicy fruits and vegetables (cucumber, water melon...) 

Drink raw juices - they contain natural electrolytes -  instead of processed juices - they contain sugar.

Limit alchohol and coffee: both lead to dehydration. When drinking alcohol or coffee try to drink extra water to compensate.

Enjoy the summer, stay safe.